Scarecrow Motion Activated Ultrasonic Repellent - Solar Powered

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So, you SERIOUSLY want to get rid of pests?...

Average Rating: 4.0

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Powerful Ultrasonic Repellent

Repells most unwanted animals & birds.

So, you SERIOUSLY want to get rid of pests?

The Sureguard Scarecrow is the most powerful ultrasonic repellent available for domestic use.

Up to 8 times more powerful than competing brands!

Protect your house, garden pool, boats & more.

Effective against animals, including: dogs, cats, possums, deer and foxes. (Call for advice about your animal problem.)

Effective birds scarer: poultry, chickens, ducks, geese, swans, pelicans, seagulls, parrots, pigeons, turkeys, brush turkeys, fowl and more.

Download the User Instructions for full details: Click Here

How it Works

When the unwanted animal or bird comes within range of its in-built motion sensor, the ScareCrow automatically emits a 10 second burst of high intensity ultrasonic sound and/or flashing lights. This startles the pest and teaches it to stay away. Unlike deterrents that operate continuously, the ScareCrow waits for the animal or bird to come into range before activating. This makes the function unpredictable and therefore more effective.

In addition, using HypersoundTM Technology, the ScareCrow emits the strongest deterrent to move pests on yet is barely audible to human ears. This innovative device is both humane and environmentally friendly.


  • HypersoundTM Technology which projects high intensity multiple frequency waves toward the pest for maximum deterrence.
  • Up to 8 times more powerful than competing brands.
  • Pest detection range is adjustable up to an amazing 30m*.
  • Adjustable detection range protects up to 780sq meters* (approx.).
  • Generously sized solar panel to generate ample power in full sun, cloud and shade*.
  • Includes rechargeable batteries for day and night operation.
  • Includes 9 volts dv charging socket for non-solar use. (adapter not included).

* (See User Manual for details).

  • The Sureguard Scarecrow covers quite a wide area so, depending on your situation, you may only need one device.
  • If pests can enter via several areas then install Sureguard Scarecrows in each location.
  • If protecting a swimming pool you should install one or more Sureguard Scarecrow at either end to fully cover your pools length.
  • Two or three devices may be required to cover all directions at once (360 degrees). For example, if deterring foxes that could approach from any direction, you'll need two or three devices installed together but pointing in different directions.
  • Detection Area*: Up to 780 square meters (8400 square feet).
  • Detection Distance*: Adjustable from 1m up to 30m (100 feet).
  • Sonic Output Intensity: 130dB @ 10cm, 110dB @1m.
  • Sonic Frequencies: Three bands at approximately 15kHz, 31kHz and 44kHz.
  • Dimensions:
    • Controller: 179mm x 140mm x 121mm
    • Mounting Post: 420mm
    • Overall Height: 370mm from ground level to top of unit.
  • Weight:
    • Controller: 435g
    • Post 110g
  • Power Adapter: Regulated 9 volts dc with 500mA current rating.

* Detection distance reduces with:

  1. Smaller sized animals and birds.
  2. Warmer ambient temperatures.

  • All Reviews

    2 / 2
    Eden Zanatta
    Rating: 4/5
    Scare crow sensor
    Bought scarecrow to deter kangaroos from eating my gazanias. Can see light working when I get into path and can assume it works because there is no evidence of kangaroos leaving fresh droppings. Need more time to be certain but appears to be working fine. Apart from light, no noise to disturb anyone.
    Mei Yu
    Rating: 4/5
    very convenient
    The new Scarecrow Motion Activated solar powered Ultrasonic Repellent is a very convenient pest repellent. I can move it around easily as it is light weighed and does not require attachment to a tap. Need to wait to see if effective.

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